Sunday, June 5, 2016

CEF's Water Safety Day ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Kim Chi

Water Safety Day is not only a great time for CEF’s children to relax after the school year finishes, but also gives them a chance to learn to float. 

Summer is coming and it is also the time when the number of children who die from drowning increases. Understanding this risk, CEF organizes Water Safety Day every year for our children from Quang Nam who all come to Hoi An to learn about water safety and float to float in order to give them a greater chance of survival in water.

It was so much fun, and an emotional experience to see our children enjoyed the day of games and lessons. The children took their lessons seriously. Thanks to the professional teachers and all volunteers, I saw many children learn to float well and they are now more confident in the water. 
I also had a chance to learn to float but I am still not as good at floating as the children. So I will try again next year.

(Linda's photos) 

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