Sunday, June 12, 2016

You are invited to attend CEF's fundraising event on Sunday 17th 4pm-6.30pm in Brooklyn

Children's Education Foundation ~ Vietnam has a small fundraising event in Brooklyn on Sunday 17th from 4pm - 6.30pm. 

If you are interested in attending and learning about CEF's work in Vietnam to help impoverished and marginalized girls stay in school please get in touch.  

We will do a presentation on our work to keep girls in school enabling them to be in  more mature, earn more, and have a better future. 

On this day we will mainly concentrate on talking about the girls from a very poor area near the Laos border. Our goal is to reduce their risk of being trafficked and help create a first generation of educated girls, enabling them to have a very different future to their parents and grandparents and be in a position to help their families. 

Homes of  some girls in the mountains who we are looking for  high school
 scholarships and university sponsorships for

Linda Burn and Stephen Jackel can be reached on: for more information on this event and the address.
Please bring checkbooks.

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