Wednesday, August 23, 2017

An education makes a big difference to a girl, it gives choices

When poverty is the reason for not attending school, it is a bleak picture for the girl as she will have little choice about her future. The girl is very likely to end up doing what her mother does whether rice farming, collecting garbage or recyclable materials, sweeping streets or selling drinks in a small homemade stall outside their home.

An education gives her choices. The standard to work for a factory has increased and it is essential to be a high school graduate. That may be the worst job she can do after completing high school.  But as awful as that may sound she will receive benefits and a regular income. She has the chance to better herself too with hard work and sometimes may be requested to do some further studies with both giving her a higher income and more 'status'.

A girl with a university education has even more choices, an endless variety as long as she didn't study something that there is no need for.

At present we have many students in need of sponsorship with some needing university sponsorships. The first four girls below need university sponsorships and the last four need school sponsorships.

If you would like to take on a sponsorship for school or for university please get in touch:


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