Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Budgeting Workshops

Twice a year  and sometimes more we run simple half day budgeting sessions for a few CEF students at a time enabling us to work with them individually on their university budgets.

We believe it is crucial for our high school graduates and university students to have a grasp of financial literacy as without it they can not manage their money and can't manage to make their funds last while in university. We have had students be so cautious that they lived off instant noodles and vegetables and consequently they have no problem with making their funds last. On the other hand some have seen delicious street food in the streets near by their accommodation and instead of cooking have dined well and been puzzled when their funds have run out.

In the sessions they mainly learn through shopping games and then apply those principles to their personal budgets for university. Some easily grasp budgeting and others don't. Some students are invited to attend the workshops more than once to help them deepen their understanding of budgeting.

Photos are from the most recent July Budgeting Workshop

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