Tuesday, August 15, 2017

One of our CEF students is in need of a sponsor to take them through university

K wishes to study Chain Supply Management, which seems a practical and realistic choice, but she needs a sponsor to help her to be able to attend university.
She was thrilled to get accepted at the university of her choice and to do the course of her choice.  It's a university with a very good reputation. K wants to find a good job in a reputable company in Da Nang city after graduation.  
During this summer holiday to help cover her personal costs while going to university, she has been working in a local 'com' rice restaurant.
K was born into a poor family of 6 and is lucky to have parents. Her family home is in Phuoc Son district, a mountainous area in Quang Nam near the Vietnam-Laos border.
In 2012, they had a new small concrete house built with funding provided by the Labour Union of Quang Nam province. Once they had a stable home they were removed from the 'Poor Household' list and moved to 'Nearly Poor Household' list which means although they are poor, they now only have free medical insurance.
Her father works as a security man for the Education Department of the District. He earns US$150 monthly. After working there, he comes home to farm. Her mother is a farmer. Although she has high blood pressure, she still works very hard. She plants rice for eating and grows vegetables for the family and for selling. Most days, she can earn about US$5 from selling vegetable at the local market.
Her parents didn't complete secondary school but they believe that a good education will give  their children a better future so they try their best to support their children’s education. They don't earn enough to send their youngest two daughters, who are twins, to university, K being one of them.
Although K is saving to cover her personal costs and will work while at university, and her parents will get a loan to cover her accommodation costs, she still needs a sponsor to cover her university fees, related charges and study supplies. She only needs a sponsorship of US$400 each year for 4 years.
Please get in touch if you can help her: cef.vn.usa@gmail.com 

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