Saturday, August 12, 2017

School is starting soon and CEF has many students in need of scholarships

School starts soon and we have committed to helping many girls from near the Vietnam-Laos border to staying in high school, but to keep our commitment we need people like you to help them. US$200, approximately the cost of five dinners out for one, will keep one of them in school for another year. At this stage in their lives this makes a huge difference.

Minority tribes are targeted by traffickers as most parents and grandparents of the girls are uneducated
Near the border the girls are vulnerable to being trafficked
Illegal marriage at 14 or 15 is normal
Having first babies at 14 or 15 is considered normal too
Carrying on the family tradition of farming is expected by most families although they themselves can't make ends meet and support their children
Alcoholism is a problem due to the sad situation of poverty generation after generation
Most are trying to keep it together on a day to day basis and they can't see into the future and what is possible
Their children need the opportunity to complete high school, then they are more employable and they have managed by then to avoid a lot of the above happening to them
Below are photos of few of the many girls in need of a scholarship. Please get in touch if you would like to take out a scholarship.


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