Wednesday, August 30, 2017

It's wonderful that this CEF student has a sponsor to help her study law

She comes from a poor community up near the Vietnam-Laos border where few students graduate from high school with good grades, where very few go onto university and where there are not many work opportunities.  This young lady has thought about her future for some years, about what would give her a good income and allow her to live and work near her parents so she can help look after them as they age.

Today I learned the exciting news that she has a sponsor to support her to study law and now she can fulfil her dream of becoming a lawyer.

At her university those studying Law will choose the specific type of law in the final year (year four) based on which department / field they will work. She said she wants to choose Administrative Law because she can then can work in her hometown. Firstly, she will apply to the people committee office as a officer, then if she has the skills they require she would then be promoted to the court of the district and become a local court lawyer. 

She has many employment opportunities as one can see from her university’s training objectives:
The Faculty has, since its foundation, trained a large number of bachelor graduates majoring in administrative law to meet the human resources requirements of the State’s administrative agencies such as the People's Committees at all levels, professional departments under the People's Committees and the law enforcement agencies such as the People's Court , People's Procuracy, law offices,  local and international law firms, and Human Resources departments in companies.

She has chosen wisely and we are sure she will do well as she is hard-working and did well in school. We look forward to seeing her fulfil her dream of becoming a lawyer.   

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