Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Family challenges have inspired this CEF student to work much harder and she aims to be a doctor now

Impoverished families have ongoing challenges in their situations, and unfortunately for the worse most of the time. One of  our CEF families had a big change recently. TU's sister gave birth to a lovely bouncy, baby son, but soon afterwards was deserted by her husband.

She then moved back home with the baby to live with her single mother and sister. Although she has a baby, no support from the father or his family, and is unemployed, she is positive and hopes to find work soon in a local factory. She was a very bright girl when we met her three years ago, and we offered to put her through college, as she was interested in being a nurse. She decided to choose marriage instead. Now it is a stark picture they all face, of  a 20 year old with no tertiary education, a failed marriage, a baby and no income.

At present it is a big financial challenge for an already poor family, but they have all surprised me with how positively they have responded to this situation. I think the family see quite starkly that there are greater choices when one has a college degree. The mother  is uneducated, has a disability and has a challenging life, but now she has become much more supportive of TU and her education. Her sister is very encouraging too. TU has blossomed and has become determined to be an excellent student; she has a drive that we have never seen in her before. Her goal now is to work harder and do better each term, and when she graduates she wants to apply to study medicine.

Although they have challenges to face together, it was a very heart-warming and inspiring visit to this CEF family.

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