Sunday, August 31, 2014

She needs a sponsor to help her stay in school

'VT' needs a sponsor to keep her in school as her single mum is struggling to make ends meet. She used to collect garbage, but since grandmother had a stroke she needs to stay at home all the time to look after her. As she is responsible for her daughter, and for the care of her grandmother, it makes it hard to earn money. She opened up a little store at the front of her house so she could have some income, but now she has a debt of $1,500 she had to take out to stock it.

'VT' will be in grade 2 this year; she loves art and singing. Because she is still very young we can't really say how clever she is, but she loves school which is important.

Please contact us if you can commit to seeing her through school and wish to sponsor her:

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