Friday, August 1, 2014

One of our CEF students from Thai Binh has just graduated from college!

Another of our CEF students from Thai Binh has just graduated! We are thrilled to see her succeed and become a college graduate! 
LT has received CEF's educational support for seven years and we have seen her gain confidence and blossom in that time. Her sponsor has been able to visit her and encourage her twice during this time, which was very special for her and a very supportive thing for her sponsor to do.

LT back in 2008
2012 with her sponsor
April 2014 with her sponsor
She is thrilled with her achievement of course, as is CEF, and her sponsor, who was very pleased to hear this excellent news and see the photos of her graduation (photos below).  
We wish her good luck with her future and will stay in touch with her to support her through the next stages.

June 2014

            June 2014 Graduation (on far right)

With her friend who just graduated too ~ June 2014

Kim Chi's report to update the sponsor on  her graduation
Date of report:                  31st July, 2014
Congratulations to CEF’s lovely student on her graduation!
LT has just completed her college course after 3 years of working hard. She was very delighted because she received a good qualification, in 'Travel' and 'Hotel Business Management' at Vietnam’s University of Commerce.
After 2 months of work experience at a hotel as an intern, which was an essential part of her course, she took the final exam and got her qualification.
Her dream is to continue to do even more studies at university in order to get a higher qualification. She took the entrance exam already. In the meantime, while she waits for her results, she is working for a small seafood restaurant to get further work experience. 
Report by Kim Chi

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