Wednesday, August 6, 2014

This CEF high school graduate will train to be a kindergarten teacher

Her single mother, who has heart disease, makes a simple noodle breakfast on a basic cooker and sells to the locals around her home. She sells bottled and tinned drinks as well. Basically mum earns enough to feed herself and her daughter and nothing more.

'T' has had three years of educational support from CEF and has just graduated from high school. School was not easy for her, but her and her mothers determination that she would not end up having the same challenging life, kept her working as hard as she could at school. We are proud she succeeded in getting through high school.

Soon she will start her training to be a kindergarten teacher. 'T' will be doing her training part time so she can work part time; this is an excellent and practical plan.

We feel she will be a wonderful kindergarten teacher as she is a very gentle young lady. 

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