Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This sweet CEF sponsored young man has been accepted into university to study to be a history teacher

CEF doesn't help many boys with their education as our work is to help girls receive an education, but when a boys situation is not good we consider helping.

P is one of the few males we agreed to help. His parents drowned when he was just a young lad and his grandparents took on bringing him up along with his two sisters. As granny and grandad were already very old, his older sister took on a lot of the family responsibilities and became a mother substitute for him and his little sister.  With CEF and her sponsors support she has now completed school and college, and is employed. She has already been promoted and had an increase in her income, and not only supports herself, but is able to financially help granny and granddad and her siblings a little. We are proud of her and what she has achieved.

Phuc has never done well in school and we didn't even think he would get into high school, but he scraped by. Last year, he become determined he would go to university and train to be a history teacher. He worked really hard through his last year of high school, but he didn't do very well, but he did a lot better, and he succeeded in passing high school. When he took the university entrance exams, to be honest, we did not expect him to pass, but he did!

We are very proud of him, of his incredible determination and his hard work! I am also very happy to say he has a sponsor to help him through university.

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