Sunday, July 19, 2015

A beautiful description of the summer by one of CEF's students

Time passes. 
A year of study goes by and here is the summer. 
Cicadas happily sing their own loud songs everywhere. 
The sky seems to be covered by the red color of flamboyant flowers.
It’s the time to turn back the paddy fields, kites and traditional games for kids.
Every afternoon the paddy fields are full of children’s laughter.
Kites bring along little dreams of children up into the sky.
In early morning cocks wake everyone up by their songs.
Farmers go to the fields to plow the land with his hard working water buffalo.
The sun is rising and has a happy smile for everyone.
The sky has become much brighter.
Ground dew hasn’t dispersed yet by the morning sun at all.
Dew-drops are on leaves.
A new day begins!
In the middle of the day, the sun is directly overhead and shines hot upon the ground.
All activities will stop during this time.
Farmers come back home to have a short nap after lunch.
In the afternoon the temperature is slightly cooler and it becomes more comfortable.
It is considered as the busiest time.
Farmers try to complete all their works.
White storks are currently seen everywhere on the rice fields.
The sunset is beautiful.
The sun goes down.
Everyone come back after having a hard working day.
Now the day is over.
The stars come out.
I love the rice paddies.
What about you?

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