Saturday, July 25, 2015

A thank you letter from a recent college graduate to CEF and her sponsor

This is a very touching letter from one of our very sweet recent CEF graduates, to both CEF and to her sponsor. 

Go Philanthropic organized a sponsor for her who has helped her through three years of college.  This sweet girl and CEF are very grateful that she has had the opportunity to study and train as a book keeper and now should be easily employable. 

"Dear Ms ........,

It may be the last letter that I write to you. I still remember the first time I met Linda and CEF staff. It was a summer day after I passed the college entrance examination. I also remember that I was very sad when I knew I passed that exam because my mother couldn’t afford my studies any more.

However, when I knew that I could receive your support through CEF, I was so terribly happy like the feeling if someone told me that I had passed the university entrance exam* (* University is a higher level than college).

Time flies so fast, doesn’t it? It has been already 3 years. Everything seems like it just happened yesterday. In 3 years, I have been very happy to be a part of the CEF family where I have been able to learn many good things from CEF staff and friends, make new friends with many other CEF students.

Linda, CEF staff and other sponsors are very nice and friendly and that makes me feel like this is my second family. Everybody is very humorous and are close to each other. CEF staff look like my older brother and sisters. They care so very much about us. Whenever CEF has any event or activities, they always let us know and don’t forget to remind us again too.  I will remember all of you, especially Linda who always gives us sweet smiles.

Thank you CEF very much for not only giving me a chance to continue my education over three years but also for giving me a large family. I will never forget the memories in this home. (She is referring to the CEF office, which is also Linda’s home)

After graduating from college I feel sad because I may not often write to you Ms ....... I wish you, Ms ........., Linda and CEF staff really good health to continue your great meaningful work and help for more disadvantaged children like me. I also promise to myself that I will try my best to find a job and work hard in order to not betray all of your help through the last 3 years.

Finally, I wish you all the best.

Your sincerely,

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