Friday, July 24, 2015

One of our recent graduates wrote a thank you to CEF and to her sponsors

This recent CEF graduate has written a sweet thank you letter to us at CEF and to her sponsors expressing many of her feelings about being sponsored and having a college education.

Go Philanthropic found a sponsor for her which meant she was able to complete high school and receive a college education.  We are all very grateful for this help from Go Philanthropic which has enabling her to get a qualification that should make her easily employable.

"Dear Ms ................ and Mr .........,

Firstly, I would like to send my best wishes to you and your family.

It has been already 5 years since I have had the support from you and CEF. Thanks to that I could make my dream come true and have better conditions. I could have a chance to go to school and then college like some other students.

It would have been a long and a hard time if I hadn’t had your help to accomplish my dreams. I used to think about who I could be if I had to stop my education. I might be only an inferior girl who does not know about the real abilities that I have. I thought if I don’t have a chance to continue my studies I would learn to become a bartender because it takes only 3 months for learning and then I could earn money by working in a bar, hotel or resort. Fortunately it didn’t happen as I thought. Because I preferred to keep going to school like some other friends,  I was lucky to receive help to do this.

I still remember that CEF started to help me at the beginning of my grade 11. And now you and CEF have helped until now when I finished 3 years of college. I am so happy and grateful to you and CEF for that.

I realized that going to school brings many benefits to me, such as: having a good school education environment, having a chance to study and learn more, and making me more mature. Especially important I feel is the love I have for this life, and the care about other people that I have now more than I did before. It has motivated me to make more efforts in my studies and to help other people when they need help.

One of my significant changes is that I was proud of very much is that I won over 20 other students, to became one of the four students who represented our high school and was able to join in on the ‘Advanced History Exam’ for all high schools in my city. In three years at college, I also received some awards for being one of the top students in class.

I did have many good friends and good teachers who were willing to help me and looked after me during my student time. I did stumble and fall but then knew how to stand up again. I did also experience many interesting things that students experience in student life.

Thank you to you Ms .............and Mr ......., and to CEF, for all these things I have learned and accomplished in the past 5 years.

I can imagine how hard girls’ lives are without education is. If they are lucky they will find an unstable, low paid job and get married young and have children. If not, they will be less fortunate; they may end up meeting bad people, becoming factory or domestic slaves or prostitutes.

Therefore if I have children in the future I will try my best to give them a good education, and give them a hand to make their dreams coming true.

I wish that CEF could continue to grow strongly to help more disadvantaged children like me and give them chances to have ongoing education. Dear Ms...... and Mr ....., I haven’t sent you any gift, like a painting, or a picture, and haven’t made something else. I can’t do those things because I don’t have any hand craft skills.  However, I have good communication skills so that if you have a chance to go to Hoi An, I can be your tour guide and talk to you all day.

Finally, I wish you, your family and CEF staff good health and success in both your lives and your work. Thank you again for all your help. I appreciate it very much.

Yours sincerely,

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