Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dental care for CEF children this week at 'East Meets West Dental Clinic'

Each summer we take quite a few of our CEF children to the dentist. Many of them are terrified as most have never been to a dentist. 

'East Meets West Dental Clinic' in Da Nang has been wonderfully supportive and has provided basic dental care for the children for the last three years free of charge. This support for the children of NGO's in the area is wonderful and hugely appreciated by us all. The children appreciate this help too, although they might not like it. 

Our administration costs to be able to run these days, for example the transport for the children to get to the dentist and home again is covered by our medical fund 'Healthy Kids', that was set up by Go Philanthropic for the CEF children's medical support. Without their support we could not run these dental care days.

Big thanks to both 'East Meets West' and to 'Go Philanthropic' for their wonderful support. 

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