Friday, July 24, 2015

We are grateful for a donation just received for our 'Literacy Education Program'

We at CEF are thrilled to just received a generous donation for our 'Literacy Education Program'. We believe in doing what we can to encourage the CEF children and community children of the areas we work in to read and develop a love for reading and learning. 

To make it easy for them we take books to them when we visit. We also have a supply of books at the office that students can borrow from any time. 

More recently we have been creating book boxes filled with a variety of books for  each age group. These we take to the communities in which we work. Some are left in the homes of children in our sponsorship program and some in pagodas, but where ever they are, the books are available for the children to come and search through to find books they would love to borrow. 

If interested in contributing to this program US$200 provides a supply of books in book boxes for one community.  Linda:

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