Sunday, July 17, 2016

A small fundraising event for CEF in New York

CEF is a small organization and still our events are small, but meaningful. They are an opportunity to share the importance of our work and to answer questions for donors, sponsors, and those recently introduced to CEF.

Che, Vietnamese sweet snack food, usually eaten mid afternoon, was available for people to experience. And delicious sorbets and spicy tofu  was prepared by Greg and was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated!

We appreciated the presence and participation of all board members and guests and it was exciting to be have more CEF children supported due to this event!

 Linda doing a PowerPoint presentation
 Slide of  our US manager in Vietnam with three staff, all in NY t-shirts
 Some of our guests
 Some guests
Che (Vietnamese sweet snack food) and spiced tofu with rice and pickles for our event

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