Monday, July 11, 2016

CEF's support comes in many forms

Recently a friend of ours wrote a disturbing book, based on the reality of child and sex trafficking in Vietnam and Cambodia. The reality of this subject is hard to grasp for all of us, but understanding it more than we all do is even more disturbing, but that is what is needed for us all in our own small ways to do something to make a difference.

My friend Bruce Logan who wrote and recently published 'Searching for Lien'  added a note inside of his pre-release copies explaining that the book is free, but if they think it has merit they could donate to CEF (if they want to contribute to the prevention side of combating trafficking) or to one other NGO (Blue Dragon) if they want to contribute to the rescue side.

This unexpected support for our work at CEF has been greatly appreciated and it is wonderful to know people are contributing because they care about this issue.

Below is more information about 'finding Lien' including a few reviews and where to purchase it.

Finding Lien can be ordered through
Here's a link for ordering:

Or it can be ordered through the publisher, Black Rose Writing. Here's that link:

Media Release:
Bruce's media release on 'Finding Lien'
Finding Lien is a debut novel by R. Bruce Logan. Bursting onto the crowded, suspense genre market, Finding Lien is a powerful and compelling read, with a strong social message. Wrapped in the package of a good yarn, this book is a startling look at the ugly business of child sex trafficking.

About the Book: Lien, an innocent village girl in Vietnam, is missing. Her father Ngoc is desperate and with the help of a young Australian volunteer, overcomes his years of reluctance and writes a letter to his father, a retired American army officer. Ngoc’s letter shocks Peter Trutch. Torn between his sense of honor towards this unknown son and his contentedly pleasant life in Seattle with his devoted wife Catherine, he hurls himself into his past and back to a country and memories that he had left behind forty years earlier. Lien has been sold to a brothel in Cambodia and, in his search for her, Trutch confronts not only his past but a seedy, corrupt world where bad cops, pimps and the destitute, clash with courageous international prevention workers and a few honest officials. Along with Trutch, the reader will be outraged at the worldwide plague of sex trafficking. This is Logan’s second book. His earlier book is a memoir Back to Vietnam: Tours of the Heart, written with his wife Elaine Head, about his experience as an US Army officer in Vietnam during the war and the couple’s return to SE Asia to do humanitarian work. Published by: Black Rose Writing ISBN: 978-1- 61296-690- 8 Categories: suspense/thriller Price: $16.95 US Available: Amazon; Barnes and Noble; iBooks and more For more information:

A few reviews follow on this excellent book:
“A compelling read-suspenseful and powerful” Murray Reiss, Poet, author of The Life Cycle of Butterflies in the Wild.

"The extent of human slavery in the 21 st century is an abomination. The fact that many of these slaves are children is a tragedy of great magnitude. Here in Vietnam we frequently hear about young girls and women being sold as sex slaves and in our work at Children’s Education Foundation we come face to face with the conditions of poverty and ignorance which fuel the trade. Bruce Logan’s book is an all-too-real work of fiction that takes the reader through the harrowing theft of one young girl and her loss of innocence. Being sold by an uncle unfortunately is not unusual in Southeast Asia and the treacherous chase to rescue these victims does indeed require the skills and fortitude of individuals, law enforcement agencies, NGO’s and embassies. Hopefully Finding Lien, will shed more light onto this pervasive but hidden scourge while offering the reader a gripping, often gritty read with characters that are both scurrilous and saintly … a disturbing and emotional ride through a cruel reality.” Linda Hutchinson-Burn, Founding Director of Children’s Education Foundation, Vietnam

“Bruce Logan writes an emotional and heart rending story of human cruelty with grace and clarity. A powerful, intensely evocative novel, which will keep you reading into the small hours.” Lynda Crawford, Author of Uncomfortably Numb

“This book reads like a documentary when the protagonist, Pete Trutch, is hunting down his lost granddaughter in Cambodia. You quickly forget that you’re reading fiction because the writing style feels like non-fiction. And that’s a good thing because the problem Logan is exposing with his story is a very real one. I felt like I was with an investigative journalist from 60 Minutes. So maybe docu-drama is a better descriptor for this book. Whatever. The story reads true and the truth evokes disgust at the problem that exists over there. Last time I checked, disgust was an emotion. There is another side to the novel and that is revealed in the relationship that Pete Trutch has with his wife. Imagine finding out that your spouse of many years had fathered a love child while serving in the military overseas. Catherine Trutch has to come to terms with what Pete did and the way she does it makes the book as far as I’m concerned. Lots of emotion gets evoked when those two are talking about their future together as you can well imagine.” Greg Ast, Author of Carey’s Trade

“A deeply moving book that explores one of the most important, ugliest social issues of our time”. Lydia Dean, Author, Philanthropist and founder of GoPhilanthropic

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