Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dental Care in Da Nang for CEF children

CEF's Ms Vy below wrote about our Dental Care Day, an important day to help get the children and families more conscious about care of their teeth. This day is both educational and deals with the dental problems they have. With having this wonderful service for treatment and education, as well as dental care and nutrition information we give each family, we hope that over the years the children will have many less dental issues.

'Every summer holiday we have CEF’s annual support program called Dental Care Day for children in our education program. On this day, they can receive free dental care at East Meet West Dental Center. This year, our Dental Care Day was held for girls from Hoi An and Da Nang this week. All of them had fillings done to their teeth, 3 had badly decayed teeth removed and many had teeth cleaning. All girls in primary school had many badly decayed teeth and many of them had very dirty teeth because they didn’t brush their teeth before going to bed or they did but in the wrong way. Most of the high school girls have one or two decayed teeth and one of them has seriously decayed teeth that need root canal treatment. Here, besides receiving dental treatment, they also had good advice from the dentists about how to look after their teeth. One of the most important advice they received was how to brush your teeth the right way and twice a day.

Many thanks to East Meet West Dental Center for making it possible for CEF children to receive Dental Care!'


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