Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sponsoring always makes a difference

Now 'T' is sponsored thanks to a caring couple.
She is a shy, but sweet, caring little girl. She enjoys going to school very much because her teachers are very kind and she has many friends there. 
Her teachers and friends don’t know that she has HIV because her mother worries if they know that they will discriminate against her, which is usually the case to the degree that some children with HIV dread going to school. We know this at CEF because we have another little girl in our program who has this issue. Because 'T' loves school and doesn't have to worry about discrimination she works hard and does well and has a wonderful time with her teachers and friends. 
Like most children after going to school, she spends about 2 hours on homework. In her free time, she likes drawing and reading fairy tales. She also helps her mother to do some household chores, such as sweeping the floor, preparing the bowls before the meal, and washing them afterwards. 'T' dreams of being a doctor as she wants to cure many people.
She is like most children, she just happens to have HIV. She is also blessed to be on good medications, be healthy and be sponsored enabling her to have an education. 
Drawing by 'T'

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