Tuesday, October 18, 2011

CEF- Vietnam has been able to give Nam a place at STEC to study English

Nam who is being helped by CEF - Vietnam is a bright boy who I have known for about five years now. I have seen him grow up from a little and very shy lad to a much more confident and sweet teenager. Yes, even though he is a teenager he is sweet; he helps his mother around the home, runs errands for her and helps her with her paid work when she needs extra help.

Over the years I have been speaking to him in English when I see him as has been studying English at school for the last four years and likes to practice. When I have been away his mother has kept an eye on my home and when I have had house-sitters she has done some cleaning for them. Bruce and Elaine kindly house-dog-cat and fish sat for me once while I was away and spent quite a bit of time talking to him and helping him with his English. They also have paid for Nams' extra tuition this year, which without, he would only receive part of his education as the remainder is learnt in extra tuition sessions, if they can be afforded. Last year after I broke my leg, Leslie stayed at the house and helped me with the dog and cat, taking Zen the Doberman-Rottweiler for long walks. She also spent time talking to Nam and helping him with his English when he came around.

His English is now very good for a lad his age in comparison to others who are learning English at school, as they all have little opportunity to practice. Most English teachers have excellent grammar and writing skills, but still most have very poor speaking skills, resulting in many teenagers with English that can't be understood by English-speaking people.

Yesterday I was thrilled that STEC offered CEF - Vietnam yet another free place for  one of our students. I have given this place to Nam so he can improve his English even more, giving him an advantage which will allow him to excel in English at school and improve his overall results as well.

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The scholarship funds come through 'Educational International Foundation' (http://Educationalinternational.giving.officelive.com) and through 'Global Literacy Foundation' (www.globalliteracyfoundation.weebly.com)

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