Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three more girls will have a full education

It rapidly became a very satisfying morning upon opening the computer and finding out one more girl has a sponsor. Last night two girls received sponsors, making it three girls who will now will have an education and have a future with many more opportunities.

Hanh lives with her little brother and grandmother. Granny has poor health but she is the only family member who can look after them. Her father is mentally unwell and her mother is rarely home as she collects garbage full time. Her income is so little that she can't afford to take a break from her work. Hanh will now have a full education as Nathalie is sponsoring her.

Ha lives with her sister and granny, who has poor health. Ha's mother sells bread in Ho Chi Minh City so granny is the only person who can care for her.  Go Philanthropic ( have organized a sponsor for her; the Bond family will now help Ha have an education. They will be coming to Vietnam in December and will spend some time with Ha which will be a treat for all. 

Trinh is a student Buddhist nun now as her parents could not afford to look after her so she went to the pagoda to live. The nun who looks after her can't afford to educate her as she has no income, just the occasional donations from her community, which is a poor farming commuity. Trinh is now guaranteed an education as Steve and Michele have taken on her sponsorship.

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  1. I am so happy that these 3 girls will receive an education. The Bond's are very excited to meet Ha in person.