Saturday, October 29, 2011

New medical fund

It's nothing new that our charity has needs; but it is always wonderful and feels like such a blessing when there is a response to a need!

Two lovely ladies have responded to the need for funds for medical care for the children in our educational sponsorship programs. Some of the children come from such poor families that they have health problems due to malnutrition or parasites. Sometimes there are other reasons for their ailments.

They have started off the medical fund with $200. That will be enough to provide medical examinations, blood tests, x'rays, scans (if needed), and the opinion of an expert for My Hang.

My Hang is painfully thin, malnourished and has pain and inflammation in her joints. Her local doctor just says she has joint pain and inflammation and left it at that. We want to find out what is wrong and do what we can to help this sweet young girl. Now we can do this, thanks to Linda and Mary Jo!

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