Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Three children in need of sponsors

Hoa is lucky to have two parents. He lives in a tiny hut with his parents,baby sister and granny. They all share a bed, have no bathroom or kitchen, or what we would call one. They cook outdoors and toilet outdoors. They can hardly afford to eat, let alone pay for Hoa to go to school. 
Phuoc has two parents, but both have very poor health. They grow rice and have just enough for the family and sometimes have extra to sell. They are paying for one of their children to go to school but that is all they can manage, so Phuoc needs a sponsor to receive an education.
  Binh was abandoned by his alcoholic father and his mother couldn’t manage to care for him and work as well, so she left him with an aunt who now sees Binh as her son. She can just afford to feed him as she earns so little.

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