Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Letters from three of the CEF - Vietnam children

Letters of appreciation

The children that CEF -Vietnam helps to receive an education can't afford to go to school or to receive further education or training. Besides supporting them to receive a full education, we care for them the best we can. Because of the caring support we see them grow and change; they gain self-respect, self-worth, develop more gratitude, as well as work towards a brighter future.

First of all I wish you good health.
As you know I live with my grandparents who are 80 years old, my father died of cancer, my mother remarried and lives with her new family up in the mountain; I have no contact with her since she got remarried.
Although I am not, compare to other families, a rich person from a rich family as I don’t have a happy family where the parents are beside the children. But I do have grandparents who cherish me since my parents left me. Besides I still have another couple of hoping arms who always observe and care for my education as well as my life; that is you dear sponsor.
Because of your care I feel you are with me and always encouraging me to do anything in this life from small things to big things. Your help is not just material support but it is also spiritual support and therefore I appreciate very much what you have been doing for me. Thank you very much.
This school year I will be in grade 5; I know I am not mature yet but at least I have made a lot of efforts in this life and in studies. Last school year I was a good student; are you happy for me? I always tell myself to study harder to obtain good results so that I know my sponsor won’t be disappointed at me. Finally, I would like to say again “thank you” and please take care of you.

As you know my father died when he was still young, my mother is a disable person, my family is one of the poor families in this area. So I thank you very much for your support that you have given me last year. Without your help I don’t think I could continue going to school.
With your help I have made a lot of improvement in my studies and last school year I was a good student with high marks 8.1. I promise I will try to keep this good result for this school year so that you won’t be disappointed in me.Thank you very much, I wish you good health and lots of happiness and luck in this life.

Today I am so happy to write you a letter. First of all, I wish you and your family good health as always. How are you? How is your work? Are you still helping other children who have the same poverty situation like me?
About my family; we would like to say “thank you” to you as you have been helping my family so much. My family has overcome a lot of difficulties because of having your support and your compassion. Your help has made me feel equal to other friends of mine in the school. I don’t know what to say except saying two words “Thank You”. My father is still working as normal; I was an excellent student for last school year and happy to inform you my school results.
I have been wishing always my family’s situation could be better each day and it is getting better and I am so happy for our life improvements. I promise to you that I will study harder as always to get the best results no matter how hard it will be; so that you won’t be disappointed at me.

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