Saturday, June 6, 2015

CEF's support program ~ 'Literacy Encouragement Program'

Our last book shopping trip

Our 'Literacy Encouragement Program', includes our 'Mobile Library for Literacy' and 'Book Boxes to Share'. The goal is to share books with children in any way that is possible to support the children to develop a love of reading and to satisfy their yearning to educate themselves more.

Donations for books are crucial for this program. We shop for books whenever we have donations for them. It is one of the activities the staff really enjoy and come back from the shopping expeditions bursting to show me the latest book purchases.

Our 'Book Boxes' are the newest part of the program and are working well. This year we started with 'Book Boxes' in two pagodas. Pagodas are a central meeting place for many in most communities (unless they are a different religion). We use large plastic tubs to transport the books and to store them in.

We plan to add 'Book Boxes' to one staff members home in Hoi An and also to one child's home in Duy Xuyen. In Thang Binh we will add 'Book Boxes' at a pagoda. We estimate we need $200 for books and boxes in Duy Xuyen and $300 for Thang Binh and $400 for books and boxes in Hoi An.

Donations towards this program would be greatly appreciated as many children benefit from our 'Book Boxes', not just the CEF children as the books are available for the whole community in each area we leave them.

A paper book for many of us is still a real treat; the smell, the feel, turning the page to find out what will happen next or what gem we will learn and falling asleep with a good book is a great way to fall asleep too. All little treasures.

To be able to share books with our CEF students and the community children makes all of us at CEF happy. Sharing books, sharing knowledge and stories is a wonderful gift to give.

                                         "A child who reads will be a child who thinks"

One of our students looking at books with her cousin

CEF students looking at books

Books from a recent book shopping trip

One of our students with books she borrowed

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