Thursday, June 4, 2015

About CEF's education support program 'Bikes for School'

CEF gave bikes to children at a 'children's home'

When you live in an isolated area schools are fewer in number and can be quite some distance from your home. Most communities have a primary school as this is the cheapest stage in education and many children in Vietnam do attend primary school. There are less secondary schools and even less high schools.

Some children need a bike to get to their extra tuition at their teachers home. The educational standard of a child without a bike can suffer due to being tired; too tied to concentrate, too tired to do homework, all because of the added time it takes to get to school and home without one, and because of the impossibility of getting to extra tuition sessions.

One of our CEF students heading off on a bike we gave her

CEF provides bikes for children who can't get to school without one or to extra tuition sessions. Most bikes we provide are second hand and cost between $35 and $50 with a basket, bell, chain and lock. We provide new bikes for children who have to travel long distances daily and these cost between $70-$100 with bell, basket, chain, lock and light. Some have to travel on bad lanes and mud paths and they need new and more sturdy, higher quality bikes costing $130-$150 including accessories.

                                  Bikes given to CEF students by Renaissance International School Saigon

If you would like to support CEF children to have a bike to get to school, and to get to extra tuition, please get in touch:

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