Thursday, June 4, 2015

About CEF's Education Sponsorship Program

CEF believes a girl with an education will not just have greater knowledge, but more maturity and a future with many more choices. In developing countries an education makes a big difference to her choices. 

The children we choose to help are from marginalized or impoverished families. Although Vietnam is a developing country the reality is that poverty is not decreasing.  Education costs aren't high here, and some poor students receive reductions, but education is still unaffordable for most children from poor families.

Our sponsorship costs vary according to the stage in education the child is at. Primary school sponsorships are US$225 a year, secondary $280, and high school $335. We have one sponsor per child.

Sponsors annually receive photos of the child, an update on them, any letters from the child and their school results.

Please consider sponsoring: We always have children in need of sponsorship and keeping a child from a poor community in school reduces their risks of being trafficked!

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