Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Book shopping for children in Duy Xuyen

Before a book shopping trip we look at the area we plan to add 'Book Boxes' to. We consider the age of the children we know and see there, whose house or pagoda could be the base for the books where they will be cared for and the lending and returning of books recorded.

The books purchased on this trip

Today's book shopping was for a commune in Duy Xuyen district. One of the CEF family's there has a highly intelligent father who is a paraplegic due to a bad work accident. His eldest child is intelligent too; works hard at school and has wonderful results. She also devours books and so their home is the ideal base for two boxes of books for their community to read.

Today some of the staff traveled to Da Nang City where there is a  huge book shop with a wonderful selection of books. They always spend ages looking for books that will suite many of the children. The books selected are always an interesting mixture; cookbooks, fiction and no fiction, self-development, books by Vietnamese authors and some translations of books by authors overseas.

It's a simple activity but one that gives pleasure to CEF staff  because of their love for learning, but also because they know what joy the books bring to the CEF children.

Thuy looking for books

Kim Chi looking for books

Mai-Thi, our volunteer from the States finding books to help improve her Vietnamese

If we have donations for books, we can go book shopping for the children. If you love reading please support us to share the love of reading and donate to Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam for that specific purpose. Thank you. Linda (Founding Director and In-Country Manager - Vietnam)

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