Monday, June 15, 2015

Sunday 14th June was CEF's 'Water Safety Day'

CEF's 'Water Safety Day' was a great success on Sunday with all the children learning water safety theory, most mastering floating and some started to learn a little swimming.

They played many games in the water and on the beach and had a wonderful time.

We had 11 teachers from 'Swim Vietnam' to do the teaching, as well as 7 western volunteers and 2 Vietnamese volunteers in the water with the children too.  We also had other volunteers on land who helped prepare morning tea, fresh lime juice, lunch and organize the printing of a group photo for everyone and then added that into a photo frame.  Our volunteer photographer of the day was Linh Tran who took wonderful photos for us all morning. We now all have photos to remind us of this special day that helps to keep the CEF children from drowning. 

Big thanks to all who helped on this important day, and especially to our donors who made this day possible and a great success. 
                                                               Photos by Linh Tran 

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