Tuesday, June 23, 2015

English Lessons for CEF's Tertiary Students ~ Guest blog by Mai Thi, CEF's US volunteer

Earlier this month, I began English lessons with Kim Thanh, Truong, and Nam, three of CEF's tertiary students. Kim Thanh and Truong have graduated with degrees in tourism and accounting respectively, while Nam is still in university, majoring in architecture. These students want to improve their English in order to strengthen their skills for work and provide them with more opportunities in the future.

Mai-Thi with her tertiary students

Kim Thanh, Truong, and Nam are very eager to learn English. After our first lesson, they had a list of topics that they wanted to learn, making my lesson planning very easy. They don't want to just learn enough English to "get by," but rather have a desire to truly understand the language so that they can use it properly and broaden the number of people they can communicate with.

Mai-Thi's English lesson  with her three tertiary students

Each lesson, they come in with positive minds and maintain a constant drive to learn. When the students don't understand something, they don't hesitate to ask me to clarify, and converse among themselves to make sure that everybody understands the topic. 

In only the four sessions I've spend with them, Kim Thanh, Truong and Nam have made great strides in learning and practicing prepositions, pronouns, and new vocabulary. They have also borrowed English books from the CEF library in order to continue learning on their own time.

In addition to being very intelligent and avid English learners, Kim Thanh, Truong, and Nam are very friendly and caring. Conversing with them is very easy; they love to ask questions about American culture and in turn share information about Vietnamese culture with me. At the Water Safety Day last week, they constantly wanted me to play games with them and swim with them, showing their kind dispositions.

                       Mai-Thi at the 'Water Safety Day' with two of her tertiary students she is teaching

I have no doubt that Kim Thanh, Truong and Nam will continue to improve their English and am excited to be a part of their learning process. 

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