Saturday, June 20, 2015

Brian has returned to Australia to a new grandchild and reporting on Phuc Le Education Project

Brian is back in Darwin typing up all the reports on the home visits he very recently did in Phuc Le. He came over to Vietnam just to volunteer, to help with CEF's 'Phuc Le education Program' in Thai Binh Province. This is an annual event for Brian and he loves it! The children are always pleased to see him and seem to consider him another granddad. He even receives small presents from some of them.

Brian at the beach on CEF's 'Water Safety Day' last weekend

After the trip up north he came down to Quang Nam and helped out at our 'Water Safety Day'. Now he has gone home to granddadhood and his little granddaughter is doing well with mum and dad being very tired of course. 

Brian is missing us all as he loves his annual trips here and we all appreciate the work he does and the time he puts into doing all the reports from the long four days of visiting all the children and their families up north. Brian is a wonderful example of a long-term committed volunteer.

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